Gardner by Day and Male stripper by Night

These are some of the most frequently asked Party FAQs about the Gardener turned male stripper that come our way, we hope they help, but if not please do call us, we’d love to help and we have a wealth of totally free party planning experience to share with you! There can’t be many Party FAQs left that we haven’t heard of!

Do the Topless butlers bring the silver trays with them?
Many people prefer not to use the trays so the naked butlers bring just their gorgeous selves and their uniform with them. The silver trays you see in our pictures can easily and cheaply be bought from ASDA Wilkinsons and other high street names (currently at about £3.50 each). You will need one round one per buff butler for drinks and several large oval ones for the canapes or finger foods.

Can I take pictures of the Male strippers?
Absolutely! We take great pride in making your event memorable, how else are you going to show everyone at work and your friends all the excitement the next day. All we ask is you send a few in our direction so we can put them in the naked butler gallery of fame!

Can you provide catering for my party?
We provide catering for parties and events, we have local catering companies on our books that give us excellent rates that we can pass on to you.

Where are Male strippers allowed to go?
Our naked butlers mainly go to private locations, ie our rather cheeky butlers go to private homes, our extremely hunky butlers go to weekend cottages, our gorgeous topless butlers go to private function rooms in pubs or hotels, they can go on your girls hen night with you in the stretch limo, but you’ll have to ring in advance to check which clubs will let him in – some do, some don’t. Naked butlers can also become dressed butlers or partially dressed butlers if you want to take them out in public without worry, just ask that they bring some trousers when you book and we will make sure they are totally prepared. There are various bars that are specially welcoming to our buff butlers.

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